“Thank you so much...  [My baby] is eating well and sleeping better.  I feel more confident about what he needs.  I truly needed your support, and I am very grateful!”


“Extremely helpful and encouraging when beginning was hard with my second. Lots of advice on both establishing feeding again after problems on return from hospital and then at the end when weaning from feeding at 14 months xxx”


“Breastfeeding my first child came as naturally as breathing, so when baby number 2 came along I expected it to be the same - boy was I wrong!! Amanda helped me to realise that just like the rest of us babies are individuals, I was not a terrible mother and that with a bit of patience and perseverance we would get there. Her calm and caring approach paired with practical advise meant that not only did my baby and I establish our breastfeeding routine, but we were able to continue until he was 8 months old. Amanda was my lifeline.”


“Amanda is very clear on the risks, she is patient and very informative about the whole procedure so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to go ahead. She does not put pressure on you and is really helpful.
The procedure was very quick...  I can not recommend Amanda enough; we were really happy with the whole process of Amanda dealing with the tongue tie for our baby, and he is still very happy and growing well.”


“Amanda was incredibly professional, extremely personable, and very knowledgeable. She made my husband and I feel very confident to put our son in her care for a tongue tie procedure. We could not recommend her more highly. An outstanding service.”


“It’s been two weeks now since we’re nipple shield free :) Our breastfeeding sessions are becoming more regular and pleasurable. It hasn’t been an easy journey. Tongue tie, cluster feeding, fussy nursing, and hormones made me feel hopeless, frustrated and doubt myself at times but we got there in the end. We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for your help so once again, BIG thank you! :)”


“My son was born with tongue tie. The midwives and paediatricians picked up on it straight away but said he was not a priority because I was not breastfeeding. They referred me for and appt. 5 weeks on I still not had an appointment through from the NHS. My son was struggling to feed, if he would feed. After every feed he was sick, it even got to the point where he was rushed to hospital due to dehydration. 

Without having to pay a penny she spent a good hour on the phone to me explaining everything and even gave me advice on how to help with the feeding before I have the procedure done. Not once did she force me or encourage me to take up an appt with her even after spending so long talking to me. Of course I went ahead and booked the appointment. On the day Amanda was yet again amazing. She did a thorough talk through of everything she was going to do. She was very professional and knowledgeable. My son is now feeding amazingly, every 2 to 3 hours having a full bottle and not being sick after. I cannot thank Amanda enough and I highly recommend her.”





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